• FI*Triangle Chico (Enzo)

    Enzo was born in January 2019 and came to me from FI*Triangle cattery, Julia Savina, in Finland. Enzo’s father is Kapitoshka Summer Rain Chrysolite, and his mother is UA*Gyulchataj Pepilottta. His color is seal tabby.

    Enzo is a very sweet, people-loving, non-confrontational boy. He cuddles with everybody and is the first to greet any visitor. I call him "Zip copy-paste" because he takes after my girls and all their pranks. He is just a lovely, simple soul in a very nice "package". His look is stunning! For a sia, he has nice contrasts. His body is very slender on high legs, complemented by a long tail. His ears are large and perfectly placed. His chin is good and his eyes blue.

    PRA status: N/N.

    Pedigree can be found here (just push stamtavle): https://katt.nrr.no/perusnaytto_kissa.aspx?id=168086