• FI*Triangle Chico (Enzo)

    Enzo was born in January 2019 and came to me from Julia Savina in Triangle cattery in Finland. Enzo’s father is Kapitoshka Summer Rain Chrysolite (OSH n24), and his mother is UA*Gyulchataj Pepilottta (OSH b). His color is seal tabby (SIA n21).

    Enzo is a very sweet, people-loving, non-confrontational boy. He cuddles with everybody and is the first to greet any visitor. I call him "Zip copy-paste" because he takes after my girls and all their pranks. He is just a lovely, simple soul in a very nice "package". His look is stunning! For a sia, he has nice contrasts. His body is very slender on high legs, complemented by a long tail. His ears are large and perfectly placed. His chin is good and his eyes blue.

    PRA status: N/N.

    Pedigree can be found here (just push stamtavle): https://katt.nrr.no/perusnaytto_kissa.aspx?id=168086