• GIP NO*Zamaradi Belle

    Belle is Sanna's daughter (and sister of Becka), born in September 2017. Her father is Blagodar Vadaet Blago, a solid black (OSH n), Russian import.

    Belle is a black tortie (OSH f). Her look is excellent: ex shape of the head, ex ear placement and size, green and well shaped eyes, almost straight profile, strong chin, very short fur with super tortie color distribution, excellent length of body and tail, and high legs.

    Belle is a very social girl. She loves to talk to everyone - all the time. She is also very affectionate and playful.

    PRA status: N/N

    To see Belle's pedigree, please follow this link and push "stamtavle" (otherwise it is the same as Becka's): https://katt.nrr.no/Katter/perusnaytto_kissa?id=151583

  • IC S*Limericks Revolution

    Leah was born in October 2012 and came to me from Anna in S*Limericks Cattery in Sweden. Leah's mother is S*Limericks Just Love Me (OSH n24) and her father is WW'11 & SW'12, SW'11 GIC S*Cross-Bow Crest Hooked on a Feeling, JW (OSH n24).

    Leah is the queen of our family, determined, tough, wise, and smart. She is a true diva.

    Leah has a very nice, even dark blue color (OSH a), short, close-lying, silky fur, high legs, nice profile, large, well set ears, emerald green, almond shaped eyes, and a very strong chin.

    PRA status: N/N

    Pedigree can be found here (push "stamtavle"): https://katt.nrr.no/Katter/perusnaytto_kissa?id=114581
    or here: