The cutest boy in the whole wide world! ❤️❤️❤️

Litter G

Kislany gave birth to five small wonders July 27, 2022 ❤️

17. okt, 2022

Goodbye, my dearest Goofy

I will NEVER get used to the flip side of “my hobby”, losing babies. Today, at 12 weeks of age, I had to let Goofy go to sleep. After days of trying everything to cure him of his (unknown) condition, the vet finally found the cause: intussusception in two places. He was too weak by then to operate in two places. I loved you ever day for 12 weeks, my lovely baby boy, and I will not forget you. ❤️❤️❤️

25. jul, 2022

Litter G is born

Total happiness in my cattery again. ❤️❤️❤️ Dani had his first litter together with Kislany July 25, 2022

21. des, 2021

Devastated with grief…

Today I had to let go of my biggest love and pride, Sanna. Her little heart couldn’t take it any longer after two years on heart medicines. True to her character, she purred in my arms as we said our goodbyes. I am completely devastated and will NEVER forget this little jewel and monkey. ❤️❤️❤️

15. nov, 2021

Babies… ❤️❤️❤️

My love, Shagio-Chen Kislany, gave birth to four small bables in November 2021. There are one OSH a24 and three SIA in the gang. The babies’ dad is Marilljos Light Topas.

18. okt, 2021

Hurray! Finally a new boy in my cattery

And he is red... Sooo happy. Thank you, thank you, thank you, my dear friend Karolina, for allowing me to be the slave of this gorgous boy. Welcome, sunshine, aka Dani Ufne Koty*PL. ❤️

14. aug, 2021

Finally the shows started up again

More than 18 months since we last attended a cat show because of Covid 19, the opportunity was finally there. 2 shows in 1 day at Jærkatten's was a very interesting and fun event. The girls, Kislany, Lily and Bambi, all attended for their first time, aged 1,5 years old. They did well, but we could clearly benefit from some more training - all of us. *LOL*

2. aug, 2021

Fly free, my dearest Dex ❤️

The worst lightning struck! What should have been a simple castration procedure ended up taking your young life. You never woke up from the anesthesia. I am beyond devastated. Fly free, my dearest boy. You were always loved. ❤️

1. mai, 2021

Litter E is born ❤️

Hurray! Lily became a first time mum 1 May 2021. She was such a trooper through it all. ❤️

9. feb, 2021

Finally babies in Zamaradi Cattery again

9 February 2021 La Bell Orkide had 3 beautiful boys, 2 sia and 1 black osh. ❤️❤️❤️

15. aug, 2020

Say hello to Bambi ❤️

Bambi was 1 day old when I fell head over heels in love with her. ❤️❤️❤️ I literally begged my friend, Anne in cattery Ennakeem’s, to consider me as her slave! Now she is mine and wow! what a stunning girl she is. Love and adore both her and you, Anne. ❤️

12. jul, 2020

Another beauty has arrived. Please welcome Lily ❤️

For a long time I have wanted a baby from Karolina in cattery Ufne Koty in Poland. My new dream girl is called Star Tigerlily Ufne Koty and she is a doll. Thank you, thank you, thank you, dear Karolina. ❤️

20. jun, 2020

Please welcome my new girl, Shagio-Chen Kislany

My long awaited princess is finally here, all the way from from Budapest during COVID-19 times. Thank you with all that I am, Eva, Kislany is stunningly beautiful inside and out. ❤️

9. sep, 2019

Ludo 27.02.2012 - 09.09.2019

My boyfriend, my comfort, my sweet, friendly, cuddly, Ludo-boy, the day suddenly came when we had to go our separate ways. I miss you like crazy, my love. No other cat will ever take your place in my heart. I feel blessed for the years we had together. Give my best to Nicky and our other friends in heaven. Safe journey, my love. ❤️

1. jul, 2019

Welcome my new Finnish prince ❤️

So incredibly happy to finally welcome home FI*Triangle Chico, aka Enzo at home. ❤️ He is all that I could dream of, and I am totally in love with this gorgeous looking cuddle machine. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Julia Savina. I will forever be grateful for your trust. ❤️❤️❤️

8. jun, 2019

NO*Zamaradi Caja Junior Winner!

“My” baby girl became JUNIOR WINNER at Voss, Norway, today. Greetings to her new owner(s) from a happy and proud breeder.

21. mai, 2019

Fly free, baby angel NO*Zamaradi Carmella ❤️

My heart is breaking. Sometimes life is completely unfair! Lone and I had to say good bye to my baby girl, NO*Zamaradi Carmella, today. She suddenly came down with a lens luxation and became blind on one eye. The vet specialists predicted it would happen on the other eye too shortly, and recommended against two tough operations and a lifetime without eyesight. You will never be forgotten, my fighting little angel. ❤️

21. feb, 2019

NO*Zamaradi Caja NOMINATED at North Sea Winner show

Great news from Amsterdam 16 February 2019: NO*Zamaradi Caja was NOMINATED to best in show at the regional North Sea Winner competition. I am so proud, and so happy for her new "slaves", Anne Meek, Kenneth Didriksen, and Marius Lium.

1. okt, 2018

We have babies again ❤❤❤

Finally babies in Zamaradi Cattery again. Sanna gave birth to two small princesses 17 September 2018. The proud father is Sweet Cats Game, Set and Match (Blackie), owned by my good friend Anne Røed Meek. Thank you so much for letting me borrow Blackie, Anne, so that I could fulfill my Sanna + Blackie dream.

7. sep, 2018

Ludo is a happy neuter

Yesterday Siamesis Trendsetter, alias Ludo, became a happy neuter. After several chips, I decided it was time to offer him a permanent cozy life.

10. jul, 2018

Becka is all grown up

Today NO*Zamaradi Becka and her B-litter siblings turn 10 months of age, adults in the show environment. I must admit, being the slave and mum of this fireworks of a girl has been a joy and pride from the very beginning. ❤️

We have been to 16 shows together in 3 countries and met 13 different judges. Becka has been in the panel (and nominated) 13 times, including at this year’s Scandinavian Winner Show, and she has won 8 best in show titles (and lost 2 to her litter sister NO*Zamaradi Belle).

Love you to the moon and back, my little ADHD girl. Looking forward to the next chapter. ❤️❤️❤️

7. jul, 2018

NO*Zamaradi Buzz Junior Winner!

Today I am one very happy and proud breeder. The second “baby” from my B-litter became Junior Winner, namely NO*Zamaradi Buzz, who lives with Lisbeth Rødsjø. Super news, Lisbeth.

2. apr, 2018

Great results for Zamaradi Cattery at this year's Scandianvian Winner show in Gothenborg

Zamaradi Cattery had two out of three babies in the category IV panel (class 12) at the Scandinavian Winner Show 31 March - 1 April 2018: NO*Zamaradi Bali and NO*Zamaradi Becka JW. The votes came out as 1-1-1 and a Russian Blue baby won on separation vote. (See pictures below from the panel at the SWS)

I couldn‘t be more happy or proud. ❤️❤️❤️

5. mar, 2018

Becka is now Junior Winner

Yesterday, at Agderkatten's FIFe show in Arendal, Becka became Junior Winner. This is my first Junior Winner from my own breeding. Becka has won 5 Best in Show titles on the 6 shows she has attended, and only lost one title to her sister, Belle, in a joint panel. She is not yet 6 months old. I am soooooooo proud of my B-litter babies in general, and Becka in particular. Such a lovely girl. ❤️

15. jan, 2018

Great show start for my baby girls, Belle and Becka

Only 4 months and 3 days old my baby girls did great in Aalborg, Denmark, this weekend. Both got nominated Saturday and Sunday. Becka beat Belle in the panel on Saturday and became best in show, and she also won best in show on Sunday. I am one happy breeder today. :-D

11. sep, 2017

NO*Zamaradi's B litter was born 10 September 2017

After rain comes sun. ❤ Yesterday, Sanna gave birth to 7 small, but very much alive, babies. She was so brave my darling. The proud father of the litter is (Blagodar) Blago from my friend's cattery. Welcome to you all, precious B babies. You are highly wanted and appriciated and I love you already. ❤

2. aug, 2017

Goodby my angel Nicki. You will be missed forever

Yesterday I had to say "goodby" to my angel, Nicki. Needless to say, I am completely broken. We fought so hard the two of us. Nicki was diagnosed with pyothorax in early May. She was operated and went through 8-10 weeks of rehab with antibiotics. During our summer holiday she seemed to have healed. But then... the infection "crawled back". You will never, ever be forgotten, my baby girl.

31. mai, 2017

Finalized level 2 at PawAcademy, mainly focused on cat breeding

Level 2 was certainly a bit more challenging than level 1 but also a lot more fun. Managed to "crack the genetics code" finally, so now - even I - can read pedigrees for color predictions etc.

23. jan, 2017

Sanna International Champion

Sanna earned her International Champion title in Ørebro, Sweden, 22nd January 2017. Congratulations, my funniest little companion.

29. aug, 2016

Sanna Champion

Sanna earned her Champion title in Kristiansand 28th August 2016. Congratulations, little monkey.

27. jan, 2016

Honey Orange Sunorikc, aka Sanna, new girl in Zamaradi Cattery

The prettiest little angel has just moved in with us at Lysaker. After a long journey home from Ufa, Russia, we arrived safely Sunday afternoon (24 January 2016). Sanna cuddled and chatted all the way from Ufa to Oslo, not stressed at all, just charming her way around. She is AMAZING. Million thanks to her breeder, Elena Kashitsyna, for letting me have this treasure.

28. sep, 2015

Nicki JW!

Zamaradi Cattery got a new Junior Winner 26 September 2015: RU*Higashi Notch Above, alias Nicki. We are both very proud.

3. mai, 2015

Super show start for my new little angel, Nicki

Nicki entered her first FIFe show this weekend. In fierce competition and with quite a few lovely kittens, she was Best In Show both days. She was so clever and calm, and showed herself perfectly. I am so happy and proud of her. ❤

20. apr, 2015

Nicki, new girl in Zamaradi Cattery

Oh happiness! Finally I found my dream girl after a lengthy search. I picked up Nicki (RU*Higashi Notch Above) in St.Petersburg yesterday and we flew home to Oslo together. This gave me the opportunity to also meet with her lovely breeder, Diana Lebedeva. Diana: I cannot thank you enough for this little jewel and monkey.

9. des, 2014

Ludo and Leah both became International Champions in Gothenburg this weekend

"Mummy's boyfriend" (Ludo) earned his International Champion title on Saturday and "princess" Leah earned hers on Sunday.

15. jun, 2014

Litter A names

Litter A appears to consist of five boys. They are: NO*Zamaradi Axon SIA n, NO*Zamaradi Aiko SIA n, NO*Zamaradi Amari ORI n, NO*Zamaradi Amando ORI n and NO*Zamaradi Aruba ORI n.

21. mai, 2014

Litter A in NO*Zamaradi Cattery born 14 May 2014

Leah (S*Limericks Revolution) and her boyfriend HU*Imladris Indil Valmont had five beautiful babies 14 May 2014. Leah and I are both over the moon happy and proud.

17. sep, 2013

Ludo WCF Champion and Leah 2nd place in the WCF ring for adult cats

Ludo earned a WCF Champion title this weekend in Drammen, Norway. Congratulations, my dearest "boyfriend". And Leah, my funniest little girl, earned a 2nd place in the WCF ring for adult cats (all pedigrees), making her eligible to attend WCF Master rings all over the world for life. Way to go, my sweetheart.

30. des, 2012

Please welcome NO*Zamaradi's new baby girl, Leah

Yesterday I got to bring home my new baby girl, S*Limericks Revolution (alias Leah). She is a total sweetheart and both Ludo and I are completely in love with her already.

26. nov, 2012

NO*Zamaradi is born

I received my FIFe registration certificate today so now I am officially a breeder. Hurray!

31. okt, 2012

Brand new web-page

Today I decided it was time to set-up a web-page for my new cattery. Request for approval of cattery name is sent and now all I can do is wait for FIFe's response to my name proposals.