• CH (N)X-Cat's Espresso Love (Spresso)

    Spresso was born in November 2008 and came to me from Bjørn in (N)X-Cat's Cattery in Narvik, Norway. (Bjørn stopped breeding not long after and his cattery is no lenger active.) Spresso's mother is HU*Imladris Indil Isole and her father is (N)Sacred Soul's Believer. Spresso was my first oriental and bought as a pet in February 2009. She is a strange little soul, so loving to the people she knows and trusts but quite a "madam" towards strangers. Needless to say, she was never that fond of shows where she felt out of her comfort zone. She is the most expressive girl and you never have to wonder what her voice or body language tells you(!) Spresso has an even dark, havanna/brown colour and light green eyes.

    Spresso moved to Anne in Skien in February 2015.

  • CH NO*Attack's Wish I Could Fly to Batstar (Wish)

    Wish was born in March 2010 and came to me from Veena in Attack's Cattery in Eiken, Norway. Wish was sited with me by Hanne at BatStar. Wish's mother was Hagia Egregius *PL and her father was FIN*Kattilan Notable Boozer. Her colour was black ticked. Wish was a very self-confident and loving soul. She had two litters in her short life and she was the best mum, prioritizing her babies above all. Wish attended a couple of shows in her life, and the judges' feedback were green, green eyes, albeit a bit too dominant, super-short fur, nice and even ticked fur colour, well-placed ears, long, slender body, and long tail.

    Wish left me way too early in August 2012 due to an incurable desease. Hope you're enjoying a nice life in cat-heaven, my dearest soul-mate.

  • RU*Higashi Notch Above JW (Nicki)

    Nicki was born in December 2014 and came to me from Diana in RU*Higashi Cattery in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Nicki's mother was Lami's Floria (OSH f 24) and her father Homer Simson I Lechatory (OSH w 61). Nicki was a black tortie spotted tabby girl (OSH f 24). She was very playful and young at heart. Give her a small ball and five hours later she was still jumping around with her ball. Nicki was super elegant with a very long, muscular, gracious body and tail. Her fur was so closelying and her color and pattern special. Her head and profile was good, ears well set and large at base, and her eyes were green.

    Nicki left me in tears due to an incurable pyothorax (internal chest infection) in early August 2017. She was such an angel, a bit shy, yet strong, and with the most striking look. I will miss you for ever, my friend.