• NO*Zamaradi Carmella

    Carmella was born in September 2018. She was sited with Lone in Arendal. 8 months old she fell ill with lens luxation. She left Lone and me in devastation in May 2019. I will never forget you, my sweetheart and little fighter. It wasn't suppose to end like this.

  • IC Siamesis Trendsetter JW 27.02.2012 - 09.09.2019

    Ludo came to me from Bianca in Siamesis Cattery in Germany. He was “mummy's boyfriend" and took such good care of me (and all our girls and babies). He was my first sia/ori boy and had a big, warm personality. One sad autumn day in 2019, Ludo couldn’t fight his asthma anymore. Enjoy your girls in heaven, my love. Till then... ❤️

  • CH (N)X-Cat's Espresso Love (Spresso)

    Spresso was born in November 2008 and came to me from Bjørn in (N)X-Cat's Cattery in Narvik, Norway. She was my first oriental and still very special to me. Spresso moved to Anne in Skien in February 2015.

  • CH NO*Attack's Wish I Could Fly to Batstar (Wish)

    Wish was born in March 2010 and sited with me. Wish left me way too early in August 2012 due to an incurable desease. Hope you're enjoying a nice life in cat-heaven, my dearest soul-mate.

  • RU*Higashi Notch Above JW (Nicki)

    Nicki was born in December 2014 and came to me from Diana in RU*Higashi Cattery in Saint Petersburg, Russia. She was the prettiest girl I have ever had the pleasure of "serving". Nicki left me in tears due to an incurable pyothorax (internal chest infection) in August 2017. I will miss you for ever, my friend.