Belle (OSA f girl in front) and Bali (OSH d24 boy in the back) from my B-litter. Here 11 weeks old. ❤️

Welcome to NO*Zamaradi Cattery

Holding Ludo for the first time. ❤️ I picked him up in the middle of the World Championship in football 2012 and he seems to be a fan of... 😃

I find it challenging seeing myself as a breeder, after all I am just a simple cat lover - first, foremost, and forever.

Tove is my name and I live outside Oslo (at Slemmestad) in Norway. I was born in 1966 and I´ve had cats all my life - domestic and pedigree cats. My cats are literally my babies (since I have none on two legs) and they do of course move freely around in my apartment and summer house. 

I got my first oriental in February 2009. (N)X-Cat's Espresso Love was bought as a pet and the connection was instant! This was the breed I had longed for. Since then I have never looked back and cannot imagine a life without these amazing creatures.

I enjoy the cat scene and going to shows as well as having kittens jumping around and "messing up" my life. My primary goal for any future litters will be to breed healthy, well socialiazed kittens of a good type.

Zamaradi means the emerald in Swahili, which I believe represents the perspective I will always have on my cats. Others may collect earthly goods. I prefer a cat to a diamond any day. Besides, my cats glitter in different colours just like the world of emeralds.

NO*Zamaradi is affiliated to NRR and FiFE through my membership of Grenlandspusen. I am a certified breeder by NRR and have finalized G1 and G2 levels at the PawAcademy.

I hope you´ll enjoy my cattery web-pages. 

Warm regards,


Girls, girls, girls...

From left to right: NO*Zamaradi Belle, Honey Orange Sunorikc aka Sanna, S*Limericks Revolution aka Leah, NO*Zamaradi Carmella, NO*Zamaradi Becka and NO*Zamaradi Caja (December 2018)

Leah (OSH a girl in the back) taking care of "her baby"... Sanna 7 months old (OSH d24 girl in the front).

Family portrait April 2016. From left: Ludo (OSH n24 03 boy), Leah (OSH a girl) and Nicki (OSH f24 girl). ❤️❤️❤️