• HU*Shagio-Chen Kislany

  • S*La Bell Orkide

    Orkide is Sanna's grand daughter from Bree (litter sister of Belle and Becka). She was born in May 2019 and came to me from Jill in La Bell cattery in Sweden. Her father is S*Jean Dark Eeyore, a lilac tabby siamese (SIA c) from Jeanett Lemmeke.

    Orkide is a hyper active, social, vocal, and determined little girl. She is a chocolate siamese (SIA b) with super contrasts and very light colored, soft, close-lying fur. Her eyes are dark blue. She has a Roman profile and a very elegant body with loooooong tail. Ears are large and well placed.

    PRA status: N/N

    Pedigree can be found here: http://stambok.sverak.se/Stambok/Visa/473241

  • GIC Honey Orange Sunorikc DM (Sanna)

    Sanna was born in September 2015 and came to me from Elena in Sunorikc Cattery in Ufa, Russia. Sanna is a reddie (OSH d24) with nice, green eyes. Her mother is ICH Bailys Glamour Sunorikc (OSH f) and her father is GICH Senator Sida Dikama (OSH d24).

    Sanna is confident, playful, extremely social, and soooo funny. She will forever be the monkey and center of attention in our home. Sanna's head is great, with large, well set ears, nice top and chin and a "charming" profile. ;-) Her body is slender, tail long and legs high. Her fur is of a lovely deep red color with nice spots.

    PRA status: N/N

    Pedigree can be found here (push "stamtavle"): https://katt.nrr.no/Katter/perusnaytto_kissa?id=67861