• S*Limericks Revolution (Leah)

    Leah was born in October 2012 and came to me from Anna in S*Limericks Cattery in Sweden. Leah's mother is S*Limericks Just Love Me and her father is WW'11 & SW'12, SW'11 GIC S*Cross-Bow Crest Hooked on a Feeling, JW. Leah's colour is solid blue. She is the queen of our family, determined, tough, and with an attitude, for sure. Leah has a nice even color, short, silky fur, high legs, nice profile, well set, large ears, green, almond shaped eyes and a good chin.

    PRA status: N/N

    Pedigree can be found here (push "stamtavle"): https://katt.nrr.no/Katter/perusnaytto_kissa?id=114581
    or here:

  • Honey Orange Sunorikc (Sanna)

    Sanna was born in September 2015 and came to me from Elena in Sunorikc Cattery in Ufa, Russia. Sanna is a reddie (d 24), and I hope she will give us red boys and/or tortie girls in the future. Sanna's mother is ICH Bailys Glamour Sunorikc and her father is GICH Senator Sida Dikama (OSH d 24). Sanna is confident, playful, extremely social, and soooo funny. She will forever be the monkey and centre of attention in our home. Sanna's head is great, with large, well set ears, nice top and chin and a charming profile. ;-) Her body is slender, tail long and legs high. Her fur is of a lovely deep red color with nice spots.

    PRA status: N/N

    Pedigree can be found here (push "stamtavle"): https://katt.nrr.no/Katter/perusnaytto_kissa?id=67861

  • NO*Zamaradi Becka

    Becka is Sanna's daughter (and sister of Belle) and born in September 2017. Her father is Blagodar Vadaet Blago, a solid black (n), Russian import.

    Becka is a lilac tortie (j). Her look is excellent in every way: ex shape of the head, ex ear placement and size, super green and well shaped eyes, straight profile, strong chin, nice tortie color distribution on a really closelying fur, long length of her body and tail, and high legs.

    Becka loooooves to play with her own little toys. She can carry on all night long.

    PRA status: N/N

    Pedigree can be found here (push "stamtavle"): https://katt.nrr.no/Katter/perusnaytto_kissa?id=151589

  • S*La Bell Orkide

    Orkide is Sanna's grand daughter from Bree (who is litter sister of Belle and Becka). She was born in May 2019 and came to me from Jill in La Bell cattery in Sweden. Her father is S*Jean Dark Eeyore, a lilac tabby siamese from Jeanett Lemmeke.

    Orkide is a lovely, sweet, vocal, and determined little girl. She is a chocolate (b) siamese with super contrasts and very light colored, soft fur. Her eyes are dark blue. Her profile straight, and her body elegant. Ears are quite large and well placed too.

    PRA status: N/N

    Pedigree can be found here: http://stambok.sverak.se/Stambok/Visa/473241