• IC Siamesis Trendsetter JW (Ludo) - Neuter

    Ludo was born in February 2012 and came to me from Bianca in Siamesis Cattery in Germany. Ludo's mother is IC Jensen Cat's Lillyfee and his father is Siamesis Rock 'N' Roll JW. His colour is black spotted tabby with white. He is just the sweetest, easy-going, people-loving boy. He is always happy and has lots of lots of "hugs" to share with everybody around - people or animals. And, he is "mummy's boyfriend" and will not let me forget for a second. ;-) Added to this he is a very attractive boy with great fur pattern, short closely lying fur, a slender body on high legs, long tail, perfectly placed ears of good size, good chin, and nice green eyes.

    PRA status: carrier